Sun-less tanning

Everyone feels better when they’re sporting a tan, why not have one all year round? The beauty of our wonderful tanning service means that you can have a beautiful, natural looking tan in one session without damaging your skin!

“The best sun-less tanning service I’ve ever used. My skin is so pale and it gives it the glow that it needs”.

Fake bake spray tan light and dark shades.

Fake Bake is a breakthrough in sunless self-tanning, guaranteed to
satisfy even the palest skin tones! Fake Bake’s exclusive NEW formula
works to enhance your own pigment without streaks or turning you
orange! £28.

Fake bake spray tan express

If you simply cannot wait for your tan to develop, you can choose this
express tanning system where you can enjoy a beautiful natural-
looking tan in just 60 minutes. £31.

Legs only- £18.