Hair Care Treatments

The health of your hair is very important to us, and its our job to make sure its getting all the nutrients needed to enhance the look, and make it feel amazing! Which is why we have a range of amazing treatments on offer so we can examine your hair and see which one will benefit your hair the most. We also have a range of take home treatments in store and on our online shop so you can keep up the hair care at home.


  • Invigo Conditioning Treatment- from £6
  • Invigo Booster Treatment- from £10.95

Concentrated boosters to tailor and maximise care effects. They recharge the hair with vibrancy, nourishment and volume.


Helps to create bonds within the hair during lightening or colour service.
To be mixed with lightening or colour – enabling optimal lift and
penetration of dye molecules… Helps to reconstruct inner hair bonds for stronger hair. Full service from £16.


  • OlaPlex Express- from £9
  • OlaPlex Full Service- from £19
  • OlaPlex In Colour- from £14
  • OlaPlex Ultimate- from £24
  • OlaPlex 4 in 1 Mask service- from £6

Olaplex is a hair service that helps fix your hair from the inside out! It is
Botox for your hair it helps improve condition shine and help encourage
growth while fixing any permanent damage….
Olaplex isn’t just for coloured hair it will help anyone’s hair so don’t think it’s
not for you, our stylist will help you pick the correct service for your hair and
your personal needs, each service takes 15 mins.. and we offer 3 services