Hello there! Welcome to our brand new webpage. We hope you’re all doing well during these difficult times, and are all keeping yourselves safe. During this time we decided we needed to freshen up our website and create a nice little space where people can browse our treatment menu’s, read posts about our latest news, look for inspiration when you see us again and learn a little about what we do!

Whilst everyone has been away from the salon, we have had a huge spring clean of the salon and redecorated a little. So when the time comes for us to open our doors again, the salon will be 100% safe for you to enter and a positive environment to be in. All of our staff have been doing training courses in preparation for when we return on health & safety, PPE, client protection and many more. We have been very busy getting up to date!

We have missed coming into work and seeing everyone of you, so we are very much looking forward to returning and pampering each and every one of you! As you know our diary has reopened from July 4th onwards, so we have our fingers crossed that we will be able to open our doors! More update will be shown on here and our Facebook about reopening. If you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to message or call us. We’re here for you!

Thank you all so much for your on going support. x