Professional hair products vs shop bought.

The battle between professional and shop bought shampoo and conditioner has always been a tricky one. One one side you have your beloved stylist, who prescribing you the shampoo which suits your hair and your goals to a T (more expensive than just your average product). But then on the other side, you have a large bottle of shampoo which smells decent for £1.99 in your local supermarket. The question we get asked all the time is ‘is professional shampoo really worth buying?’ And in this article, you’ll find out your answer.

Think of shampoo/conditioner, as fabric softener for a second (a little strange, but trust us). You want your clothes to smell the best, therefore 9/10 people will purchase the better brands I.e- Comfort, Lenor, Surf etc. Yes, you have the cheaper products for £1 in the bargain shops. But do they really make your clothes smell good? Nope.. You want your washing to smell amazing and feel great. So why do the same with your hair?

So, you might think what makes professional hair products so special? And the answer is, you will be purchasing a product that has been recommended for your own personal use, based on what you have told your stylist. Leaving you with amazing feeling hair that smells absolutely delicious, which makes you hair feel cleaner for a lot longer. Our shampoos are way more concentrated, giving your hair all the nutrients it needs. Rather than store bought products which all have a large consistency of water, sulphates and fillers with fewer vitamins, oils and minerals than salon products.

The decision is yours at the end of the day, and if you’re on a budget then the ideal choice would be to purchase a shop bought product. However professional products have been proven to last much longer, so in reality your getting a bargain and your hair is getting all those vitamins it needs, leaving it feeling wonderful.

Everyone deserves to have wonderful hair and to feel amazing. So if you’re wondering which shampoo would benefit you the most, fell free to message us for advice. Don’t let this lockdown drag you down! We are offering free product delivery throughout November!