Autumn is around the corner!

As summer slowly starts to come to an end, autumn is here to welcome us with its arms wide open and we all know that it brings along its wonderful, bold and inspiring looks as the cooler season arrives!

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve had to cope with not having our usual ‘summer ready’ treatments, which has bought us all on a bit of a downer. However autumn is looking more positive for everyone, and although we probably won’t jetting off on our holidays it is still a beautiful time of year to look forward to.

Autumn brings wonderful new hair and beauty trends this year. Along with spiced lattes, chunky knit clothing and spooky films, getting a new hairdo and pampering ourselves is what we’re most excited about!

There are so many wonderful looks that you can sport during this lovely season, and autumn is the perfect time to rock those wonderful natural colours as the weather gets a lot cooler. It is confirmed that natural and low maintenance is IN this Autumn, from light hair-colours with dark roots, to tousled and textured bobs, or beautiful red/copper tones we think that this is one of our fave trends yet, and we can finally leave the house and look stylish. It’s all about the texture!! With all these wonderful colours to consider, we can guarantee that we have a perfect nail colour to match. Forest greens, maroons, and burnt oranges (just a few to suggest) would compliment the seasonal look perfectly and what better way to treat yourself than with a manicure after the tough year we’ve had…

If you haven’t already come to see us since we’ve opened, then all the better reason to so we can get you looking on trend this autumn! Out with the old and in with the new!