6 most commonly asked questions about going blonde.

At least once in our lifetime, we’ve though about how we would look blonde. Blonde is one of the most popular colour requests we get here at Lacey’s, and it’s a colour that you can do so much with! However, there are many methods to achieve your desired look, and many factors you need to consider when going blonde, as in many cases it’s not a simple process to do. Whatever you hair goals are, you will leave Lacey’s feeling beautiful, so if you’re thinking about changing your colour here are 6 most commonly asked questions whilst debating to take the plunge! Please do not attempt to achieve these results at home.

How many sessions will it usually take to go blonde?

Typically, it usually takes 2-3 sessions to achieve your desired look, however this may vary as no ones hair is the same. You also need to take into consideration the condition of your hair before hand, the density, and the colour of your hair pre service. It also depends on what tone of blonde you’d like to achieve. For example, a client with mousy blonde hair that wants to achieve a very light blonde look, it may take 1-3 sessions depending on how well the hair will lift, and how much of a ‘full blonde’ look you’d like. If a client comes in with black hair/very dark brown and would like to go fully blonde, it would mean several different stages and processes to get the hair the desired colour also caring for it too.

Will my hair texture change after colouring?

In many cases yes, it can feel a little different if it has been lightened. Especially if you already have naturally coarse/dry hair. Here at Lacey’s, we have a team of professional hair experts, and will recommend the right colour service for you. 8 out of 10 clients have an olaplex service along with their other hair treatments. We absolutely adore this treatment as it doesn’t only rebuild the broken bonds in the hair, it protects it from damage also. If you’re worried about the condition of your hair, olaplex is definitely something to consider.

How often are touch ups needed?

Depending on what kind of look you’re going for, typically many of our clients come in for touch ups every 6-8 weeks. We understand that it can be frustrating not being able to go blonde in one go, if you’re going lighter, we recommend at least a 3-4 week gap before your next session. If you’re looking for something a little more low maintenance like a balayage, touch up appointments can range from 1-3 months.

What is recommended for people on a budget who want to go blonde?

Going blonde is a very lengthy, complex service, which takes care, detail, and time. You are going to want to pick a stylist who knows what is best for you and your hair, and going with somebody who is cheaper elsewhere could really damage your hair. Therefore, here at Lacey’s you will be getting the best service at an extremely high standard. So, if you’re looking to spend a little less in the long run, you’re probably going to be wanting something a little less maintenance, and is going to last. Also popping in for toners (priced at £12) can freshen up your colour in between services.

How can I maintain my colour at home?

How you care for your hair at home is key to keeping it healthy, while helping to prevent the color from fading. It’s going to vary from look to look but overall, you want to make sure you have a really great shampoo and conditioner combo that your stylist recommends.

What service should I choose?

The service you choose should depend on the overall look you’re wanting to achieve. The best way to decide this, is coming into the salon and having a free consultation with one of our experts. They will give the best advice on which option to go with