5 calming beauty treatments that help relieve stress

After the difficult year we’ve had so far, we think that everyone deserves some time for themselves. Times like these can really put a strain on ones mental health, so it’s very important for us to allow ourselves to take some time out, and relax.

Our beauty professionals here at Lacey’s have selected 5 treatments off our service menu that are proven to help tackle stress and improve our mental wellbeing.


Having a pedicure is extremely calming for the individual, and is perfect for sitting back and relaxing. The service includes getting a foot massage which will relieve tension build up in the area and stimulate circulation. Having pedicures will also keep the skin moisturised and keep your feet looking lovely!


Our massages at Lacey’s are extremely soothing and overall a very tranquil experience. The massage will reduce muscle tension and stimulate the lymphatic system which will strengthen the immune system, fight illness, and maintain body fluid levels. Massages are also proven to reduce stress hormones, and improve skin tone.

Hopi ear candles

The Hopi ear candle treatment is wonderful if your suffering with problems such as tinnitus, or sinusitis as it helps treat these issues after just a couple of sessions. The Hopi ear candle is a very soothing experience, that improves mental clarity leaving you feeling zen. It also helps relieve headaches and migraines.


Facials are proven to reduce stress and psychological distress. Facials will cleanse your skin and prevent the appearance of ageing. They will also treat acne, scarring and blemishes, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and glowing!


Manicures are a wonderful experience if you are needing some ‘me time’. It is a very relaxing service, and you will leave with your nails looking gorgeous. Manicures will keep your hands nice and smooth, which is beneficial is you have a job where your hands go through a lot. You can have a hand massage if you wish, which overall improves mental wellbeing.

You don’t need an excuse to have a little pampering! Enjoy yourself this September, and take some time out for yourself.