5 calming beauty treatments that help relieve stress

After the difficult year we’ve had so far, we think that everyone deserves some time for themselves. Times like these can really put a strain on ones mental health, so it’s very important for us to allow ourselves to take some time out, and relax.

Our beauty professionals here at Lacey’s have selected 5 treatments off our service menu that are proven to help tackle stress and improve our mental wellbeing.


Having a pedicure is extremely calming for the individual, and is perfect for sitting back and relaxing. The service includes getting a foot massage which will relieve tension build up in the area and stimulate circulation. Having pedicures will also keep the skin moisturised and keep your feet looking lovely!


Our massages at Lacey’s are extremely soothing and overall a very tranquil experience. The massage will reduce muscle tension and stimulate the lymphatic system which will strengthen the immune system, fight illness, and maintain body fluid levels. Massages are also proven to reduce stress hormones, and improve skin tone.

Hopi ear candles

The Hopi ear candle treatment is wonderful if your suffering with problems such as tinnitus, or sinusitis as it helps treat these issues after just a couple of sessions. The Hopi ear candle is a very soothing experience, that improves mental clarity leaving you feeling zen. It also helps relieve headaches and migraines.


Facials are proven to reduce stress and psychological distress. Facials will cleanse your skin and prevent the appearance of ageing. They will also treat acne, scarring and blemishes, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and glowing!


Manicures are a wonderful experience if you are needing some ‘me time’. It is a very relaxing service, and you will leave with your nails looking gorgeous. Manicures will keep your hands nice and smooth, which is beneficial is you have a job where your hands go through a lot. You can have a hand massage if you wish, which overall improves mental wellbeing.

You don’t need an excuse to have a little pampering! Enjoy yourself this September, and take some time out for yourself.

Autumn is around the corner!

As summer slowly starts to come to an end, autumn is here to welcome us with its arms wide open and we all know that it brings along its wonderful, bold and inspiring looks as the cooler season arrives!

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve had to cope with not having our usual ‘summer ready’ treatments, which has bought us all on a bit of a downer. However autumn is looking more positive for everyone, and although we probably won’t jetting off on our holidays it is still a beautiful time of year to look forward to.

Autumn brings wonderful new hair and beauty trends this year. Along with spiced lattes, chunky knit clothing and spooky films, getting a new hairdo and pampering ourselves is what we’re most excited about!

There are so many wonderful looks that you can sport during this lovely season, and autumn is the perfect time to rock those wonderful natural colours as the weather gets a lot cooler. It is confirmed that natural and low maintenance is IN this Autumn, from light hair-colours with dark roots, to tousled and textured bobs, or beautiful red/copper tones we think that this is one of our fave trends yet, and we can finally leave the house and look stylish. It’s all about the texture!! With all these wonderful colours to consider, we can guarantee that we have a perfect nail colour to match. Forest greens, maroons, and burnt oranges (just a few to suggest) would compliment the seasonal look perfectly and what better way to treat yourself than with a manicure after the tough year we’ve had…

If you haven’t already come to see us since we’ve opened, then all the better reason to so we can get you looking on trend this autumn! Out with the old and in with the new!

We’ve missed you!

Hello wonderful people! As you are aware our plan to open on July 4th for our hair department went ahead, and it rolled perfectly! We absolutely loved seeing some of our wonderful clients again, and creating some amazing post lockdown transformations.

We have worked extremely hard over the lockdown period to ensure the salon is the safest and most comfortable place to be in upon returning, and now we’ve opened its an absolute pleasure to welcome you all back. We are still practicing social distancing in the salon and disinfecting equipment, sections and back washes after every use.

We are very excited for the next few weeks to come, working wonders on your lock down hair! Stay tuned for pictures of our recent work, and updates regarding our Beauty department.

Enjoy these pictures from our first day back at work, and as always stay safe.

Team Lacey’s x

Government Announcement

Hello Clients! We hope that you are continuing to keep yourselves safe during these difficult times.

As I’m sure you’re aware, the Government has relaxed the regulations and announced that we are finally able to open our wonderful Hair department on July 4th as estimated! We are taking bookings for Hair appointments now. However Beauty will remain closed until further advice is given from the government. Don’t worry! You will be the first to know once we are given any information.

Whilst this could change, obviously we are more than prepared to open, having spent the last 6 weeks disinfecting the salon and preparing it to be a safe environment. Please be rest assured that we are ready to open our doors, and welcome you back for beauty therapy!

We appreciate that some of you may be disappointed by not being able to have some of the regular treatments that you booked in for prior lockdown and we in the process of establishing a fair system, to avoid leaving our loyal clients disappointed.

Appointments Currently Booked

We shall be honouring all existing bookings but moving them where possible. Our clients are important to us and we will be working hard to get you all booked in for beauty treatments as soon as we are able to. We are working on producing a fair system for rebooking appointments when we are able to open Beauty safely.

We are still living in unpredictable times, and are trying our hardest to keep our booking system as fair as possible. We are aware that some beauty salons are cancelling all their appointments until further notice, however we felt that our clients would prefer to have some understanding of where their appointments would take place. Whilst this system will contain a lot of juggling of appointments, and we appreciated that many of you wish to book in with us, we ask you to remain calm and bear with us as some of the social distancing measures are still in place and we shall be working extremely hard to get you all in for your treatments.

We are very excited to open our doors on the 4th for Hair, and like we said you shall be the first to know when we get any instructions following government announcements for Beauty. Stay safe, and we shall see you all soon.

Team Lacey’s x


Hello there! Welcome to our brand new webpage. We hope you’re all doing well during these difficult times, and are all keeping yourselves safe. During this time we decided we needed to freshen up our website and create a nice little space where people can browse our treatment menu’s, read posts about our latest news, look for inspiration when you see us again and learn a little about what we do!

Whilst everyone has been away from the salon, we have had a huge spring clean of the salon and redecorated a little. So when the time comes for us to open our doors again, the salon will be 100% safe for you to enter and a positive environment to be in. All of our staff have been doing training courses in preparation for when we return on health & safety, PPE, client protection and many more. We have been very busy getting up to date!

We have missed coming into work and seeing everyone of you, so we are very much looking forward to returning and pampering each and every one of you! As you know our diary has reopened from July 4th onwards, so we have our fingers crossed that we will be able to open our doors! More update will be shown on here and our Facebook about reopening. If you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to message or call us. We’re here for you!

Thank you all so much for your on going support. x